Understanding Games and Gamers Ebook

Understanding Games and Gamers Ebook

Plus Games and Gamers Chart

Understanding Games and Gamers is put together for non-gamers who are trying to understand games and gamers. It is also for gamers to have a better understanding of games and themselves. Game design enables understanding games in a more structured manner and provides reason behind the draw and attraction of games. Gamer types are mapped to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® from which we know more about player motivations.

The accompanying Games and Gamers Chart is a cheat sheet about the popular game titles in the market. Included in the chart are the genre of game, the player type and MBTI breakdown of each game title.

This is made available for free. You can read it through the viewer on this page or you can choose to download it by submitting the form below.

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This booklet is a good guide for anyone to understand why some games appeal to some gamers, more than others. It can also inform us on what types of games, online or otherwise, can be suitably introduced to young people. At the end of the day, games are meant to be fun. This guide can be useful for parents and adults who wish to play a part in helping young people play safely and learn from games in the way they best learn.

Nicholas Gabriel Lim

Registered Psychologist

This booklet will give a basis and framework of understanding to youth workers, religious leaders, teachers, and parents who have struggled with the millennial generation and also young millennial parents who may be struggling with Gen Z to have a working understanding of the psychology behind game creation and with the accompanying Games and Gamer Chart – to understand the possible personality types that their children and youth may be inclined towards!

Rev Sam Kuna

President, Singapore Association for Counselling

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