Social & Emotional Learning Through Video Games

Social & Emotional Learning Through Video Games - TeleTrip Workshop

Majority of the youths play video games, be it on computer or mobile phones. To harness the positive aspects of gaming, we put together TeleTrip Workshop that utilises the strategic and team-based nature of MOBA games to be the tool for social and emotional learning. This workshop is best implemented in schools for students 12 years old and above.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will answer some Frequently Asked Questions to help you better understand the TeleTrip Workshop.

Why does it have to be half a day?

TeleTrip is a half-day workshop and we do not recommend it to be split up into multiple sessions as it is immersive learning. It takes time for the youth to unlearn the old way of playing to learn the new. The teaching portion, TeleTalk, is less than an hour but it takes a whole day for the youths to experiment and experience the application of it as a team through guidance from the coach and facilitators. For the new way of playing to become natural, students need time to practise it while it is fresh and highly motivated by the game. Splitting the workshop into two or more sessions means breaking the learning momentum that was built up. We understand how tight school schedule is and we generally suggest TeleTrip Workshop to be held post examinations.

Why do you choose Mobile Legends?

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games which are strategy and team-based, are most suitable for social and emotional learning. We believe in using a game that students are familiar with so that we do not need to teach them the game, which saves us time. On top of this, choosing a popular game means the students are excited and highly motivated to participate. This is a great psychological state for learning as they are highly engaged. Currently the most popular mobile MOBA game among youths is Mobile Legends and thus this title is used.

Mobile games is chosen versus PC games as the latter is limited by the quantity of PCs available and thus the number of students who can participate. The students play using their own mobile phones which cuts down the cost and logistics of running TeleTrip Workshop. There is greater ownership and vested interest from the students when it is a game that they have in their own mobile device.

We are open to explore other game titles that meet these criteria as well.

Will the students get addicted to gaming?

The design of the workshop emphasises on the social and emotional learning aspect and the game is a tool. We have intentionally inculcate good habits like pausing after every game to evaluate to break continuous play. We only encourage students who are already playing the game title to participate in TeleTrip Workshop. If the game is a completely new game to the student, we do not encourage them to be part of the workshop. The reason we chose Mobile Legends is because it is the most popular mobile game at the moment. Many youths are familiar with this game and played or is playing it.

On top of this workshop, we have two talks with messages aligned to addiction prevention, namely "Taking Control Over Video Games" and "The Winning Mindset".  "Taking Control Over Video Games" is based on the personal story of Ruth Lim, an Esports Coach and was a game addict, to help students understand games and gamers. "The Winning Mindset" is based on the personal story of JASONYOLT to help students focus on important things in life by building GRIT, giving students the inspiration to push through challenges rather than giving up or running away. Thus we sincerely encourage schools to take up the supplementary assembly talks which also benefit students who are not in the TeleTrip Workshop.

Do you recommend students with gaming problems join TeleTrip Workshop?

TeleTrip Workshop is designed to inculcate good gaming habits through video games. We welcome students with gaming problems to join us based on the reason that the workshop provides them an opportunity to learn good gaming habits. Also social and emotional learning might help in some of the causes of the gaming problems. Please note that TeleTrip Workshop is not a solution for direct intervention of severe gaming problems even though problematic gaming behaviours do change for some participants. TeleTrip Workshop is not an alternative to professional help. For professional help on game addiction or game dependency, we have the COMEBACK Program.

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