Game Addiction Talk

The Game Addiction Talk

No one sets out to be addicted when he/she first plays a game. Unknowingly over time, a bond is formed with the game which makes it hard for the gamer to pull away.

World Health Organization

At the 72nd World Health Assembly, 194 members of the WHO unanimously agreed to adopt the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11), which includes ‘gaming disorder’ as a recognised disease. The new classifications will come into effect on 1 January 2022. Below is WHO video on Gaming Disorder.

Knowing the Why through Game Design

SOOS OIO Game Addiction Talk seeks to help youths, and even adults, understand some basic game design psychology that answers the question "WHY games can be addictive?" The game itself is not the only reason for addiction although it is one of the factors. Through understanding the "why", the youths and gamers are better equipped to make wiser choices in games.

Through the story of Ruth Lim, our in-house "game addict", we seek to help students to be more aware of their player types and gaming motivations. Ruth's personal struggles and victories bring life to the understanding, making it more real and relatable.

The objective of this talk is to help the audience understand our power of choice. They can be in control of games and their life when they understand games and themselves better.

This talk is suitable for:

    • Primary School Students
    • Secondary School Students
    • Tertiary School Students
    • Parents
    • Youth Workers

Duration of Talk: 30-45min

Ruth + Dota2 + FIFA18

About the Speaker - Ruth Lim

Ruth Lim is a coach for DOTA 2 & FIFA 18, and the lead trainer for DOTA 2 at the Esports Academy. Her passion for gaming led her to obtain a Game Development Diploma in Game & Entertainment Technology and further obtained a Bachelors in Computer Science while sustaining a keen interest in gaming.

Game was a way of life for Ruth. She spent extensive long hours in a game, determined to reach the goals she set for herself. This determination has impact and effects on her life. Addicted to game but yet not an addict is a thin line of balance.

Ruth's Linkedin:


Ruth was able to share the glamour of gaming, the fun she had, the sleepless nights she had which allowed her to connect with the students, yet also at the same time shared how those decisions impacted her, that to me was very powerful and special.

Clifford Lam

Montfort Secondary School - School Counsellor

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