Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction

Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Addiction

We have reached the full capacity of 500 pax for the webinar. If you are interested, you can be placed in the waitlist (click register at and if someone cancels or a place frees up, we will release it to you.
If the number in the waitlist is sizeable, we might consider increasing the webinar capacity as well.
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“My child is gaming too much!” is a common statement we hear from many parents, especially during this stay home period. Gaming has become an integral part of life for many. The concern escalates when at the 72nd World Health Assembly, 194 members of the WHO unanimously agreed to adopt the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11), which includes ‘gaming disorder’ as a recognised disease. The new classifications will come into effect on 1 January 2022. Below is WHO video on Gaming Disorder.

Why are games so attractive? How do we keep up with the increasing number of games? How can we make sense out of this sea of games? Join Ruth Lim in a journey into the world of games. We will explore the various types of games and game genres that are popular among the youth, breaking down the various components of game design.  Gamers are not all the same, and they have different motivations categorised by their Player Types. By understanding your child’s world of games and the motivations of your child as a gamer, you can understand your child and their needs better to start off conversations and deepen the relationship.

The cause of addiction is not only from the substance, in our case, gaming. It happens when deeper human needs are not met. Join Nicholas Lim to learn more about addiction from a psychologist point of view. Through the explanation of the brain development of youths, Nicholas will also explore strategies for parents to communicate and connect with gamers.

The session will be moderated by Pauline Phoon, the founder of SOOS OIO LLP and COMEBACK PTE LTD.

Below is an animation about Addiction based on Bruce Alexander’s research about the cause of addiction.

Date and Time:
27 June 2020 (Sat)
10am – 1pm

Zoom Webinar

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Special thanks to Media Literary Council for making this possible.

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Nicholas Gabriel Lim

Nicholas Gabriel Lim is a registered psychologist, who has worked with youths for 2 decades. He is the co-founder of the Youth Work Association (Singapore), the author of the ebook Clash of the Mind and Heart: Understanding Adolescents, a clinical supervisor to young budding psychologist, and a youth mentor!

He has spent his career in the people, private and public sectors. All of which have been with youths, families, and advocates of youths. Given his depth and breadth of work with youths, he has been on various government advisory councils, like the Media Literacy Council and the National Council for Problem Gambling.

Nicholas not only has Degrees in Psychology from the University of Queensland and the Nanyang Technological University, but also various clincial and practice certificates like for Youth Work Coaching and Supervision, Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, Adventure Therapy, and Therapeutic Behavior Management, just to name a few. He is currently pursuing his law degree.

In his free time, Nicholas enjoys reading a good book and heading to the gym. Together with his beautiful wife, he has three children. He lives by his favorite mantra, a life well reflected would be life well live!

Nicholas Lim’s Website:

Ruth “Potatofluff” Lim
Ruth is on staff with SOOS OIO as an Esports Coach and co-developed TeleTrip, an offline gaming community event. She conducts DOTA 2 foundational classes and workshops for Esports Academy under SCOGA and also teaches the module “Team Management” in Informatics Diploma for Esports and Game Design.

Ruth Lim coached a competitive DOTA 2 team TenTwenty in 2017 that won CPL Championship DOTA 2 Edition 2017, came in 1st in Dew Challenge 2017 and represented Singapore in Asia Pacific Predator League in 2018. Ruth managed Team Impunity FIFA Online 3 who got 3rd in EA Champions Cup (EACC) Winter Cup 2016 representing Singapore. In 2017, she coached Team Impunity FIFA Online 3.

Ruth graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with Diploma in Games & Entertainment Technology and SIT-University of Glasgow in Bachelors of Science with Honours in Computing Science. She also holds a CoachSG coaching certificate.

Well recognized in the DOTA 2 community, Ruth attended numerous international gaming tournaments, got to know and learnt from many of the top players worldwide. Ruth hopes to share her knowledge and experience to gamers in Singapore and beyond.

Guest Speaker from Media Literacy Council

Dr Jiow Hee Jhee
Dr Jiow Hee Jhee is the Assistant Professor and Programme Director of BSc (Hons) Digital Communications and Integrated Media programme at Singapore Institute of Technology and member of the Media Literacy Council. He specialises in the impact of media on the family, media law and ethics, as well as cyber wellness and cybercrime studies.

Other Resources

Understanding Games and Gamers 1st Edition 2019 BannerClick here to read and download the free Understanding Games and Gamers Ebook + Games and Gamers Chart.
COMEBACK - Master Your GameCOMEBACK is a professional game dependency intervention program.
Click here to access the Game Dependency Test.

TeleTrip Workshop Fuhua Primary Registration Form

Neil Zaza Master Class in Taipei Plus 1-to-1

Neil Zaza Master Class in Taipei Plus 1-to-1Neil Zaza is heading back to Taipei this October to conduct a Neil Zaza Master Class in Taipei Plus 1-to-1 sessions in a studio setting. See you Taipei!

There are five main topics that Neil Zaza will be sharing on:

  1. The skill of arranging, playing and recording skills 
  2. The pre-recording preparation
  3. The difference between recording using a mic versus direct in
  4. The integration of software effects (demo software: bias fx) in recording
  5. Live demostration of recording using the song “I’m Alright” and “Bari

Date: 25 October 2017
First Masterclass Session: 13:00-15:00 
Second Masterclass Session 16:00-18:00 

First One-to-One Session: 19:00-19:40 
Second One-to-One Session: 19:50-20:30 

Strong Recording Studio
New North City Shizu District
Corning Street 169 Lane 31-1 No. 5F-1
(Nearest MRT: East Lake Station)

Registration fee:
Single workshop – NT$ 3,000 / person (limit 30 people)
One-to-One Class – NT$ 8,000 / person (limit 2 people)

Registration Links:

One-to-One Lesson:

Live Stream Life on Twitch 1st Gen Graduates

LSL 1 Group Photo
Here's Live Stream Life 1st gen graduates. 5 out of 8 of them taken during SHINE Fest Twitch booth! From left to right, Samuel, Xinhui, Hugo, Jonathan and Charlie. Missing Apple, Jensen and Jared. We will try and get a proper group photo soon! =)

We are happy to announce the Live Stream Life on Twitch 1st Gen Graduates under eSports Academy of SCOGA ( The graduates went through 8 hours of classroom time with practical assignments  ranging from topics like understanding Twitch & live streaming, basic branding, basic public speaking, getting in front of the camera, etc. We fielded them at the Twitch Booth during SHINE Fest to give them experience in hosting and being in front of the camera with the more experienced and established celebrities on Twitch in Asia. So good to have Dan (Thailand, Twitch Handle: dansuperblog), Ashley (Philippines, Twitch Handle: ashlili) and Bianca (Philippines, Twitch Handle: sliceofbiancakes) with us during SHINE Fest weekend. This was their first time ever being in front of camera covering a festival. You can watch videos of the graduates and celebrities in action at SHINE Fest at, including live performances of various artistes at the ION Stage. We know that it is not perfect but everyone needs to start somewhere and this is their huge baby step out in pursing their dreams. Kudos to their courage in challenging themselves. Huge thank you to the team in SCOGA who put in so much effort and thought to this and to Twitch who have been such great support to these youths with dreams to become a full-time live streamer one day.

Each of them had to do their individual pitch to Aftershock PC, Secretlab and Samsung for a REAL pitch after the classroom sessions. Nerve wrecking for many but they did well! Some did cliched some sponsorships through the session. Ooohooo!!

Each one of them had increment in their Twitch Live Stream views since they first signed up in May till just before SHINE Fest last week of June. Three of them registered an increase of a minimum 55%! With the increment, many received their affiliate status on Twitch within a few weeks after the classroom sessions. A few others are fast reaching the criteria. 

Our eight gradautes are noobs in many ways more than one. Love how different each of them are but super supportive and encouraging to one another! Here's to our Gen 1 Twitch Live Stream family! <3 <3 <3

Below are the simple profiles of all eight of them. Please go check out their live stream on Twitch and lend them your support by following, subscribing, donating, cheering and chatting while they are live.  I know they would LOVE to chat with you from gaming to anything (or almost) under the sun. =)

Apollonoia aka Apple

Hello! I'm the captain and jungler of Girlaxy, and I'm known as Apollonia N Kiss with my sister! I aim to create opportunities for women in the gaming community and also other fellow gamers! I enjoy providing online content in hopes to cheer people up through streaming and youtuibe videos! I'm also actively spreading positivity in hopes for a change! PARTY!

Twitch Status: Affiliate

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
1900 - 2300 or later

Ng Xin Hui aka xndlxss

I play mainly Overwatch and I represent Team Asterisk. Vesuvius as a flex DPS/Support. I love embarrassing myself with facepalm moments live.

"Very outspoken with a touch of class, our resident quotable quote lady who streams with much grace, I guess..." - chaosbeans

Twitch Status: Affiliate

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Mon-Fri 2000-0000
Saturday-Sunday 1500-0000
Subject to changes cause she has school on some days that aren't fixed

Samuel Chan aka sequinoxhs

Streaming has found me many nicknames, either 'Most Handsome Hearthstone player in SEA' or 'Saltinox', which stems from the way I react to RNG when playing Hearthstone, which I believe is the biggest source of entertainment for my viewers. Otherwise, I aim to make my stream an educational one and I try my best to go in-depth on my plays.

I also like to play homebrew decks to high ranks, which is probably fresher than watching the usual few meta decks.

Twitch Status: Partner

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Mon Wed and Fri

Jonathan Lim aka eternaljon

I'm a variety streamer who enjoys strategy games as well as story driven single player experiences. My channel is a place for everyone to chill and have a good laugh.

"Always punctual for breakfast, a good listening ear, loves to disturb you but thats how he shows he cares for you." - Xndlxss 2k17

Twitch Status: Affiliate

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Weekdays 1900-2300
Weekends: All day and subject to availability

Charlie Lijia aka chaosbeans

Casual gamer that streams Magic: The Gathering, Diablo 3 and many other games on the PC and mobile. Provides food for thought, in game and in life.

"Affable personality, super smiley, radiating warmth and always ready to lead a hand. Also vlogger expert extraordinaire!" - xndlxss

Twitch Status: Broadcaster 

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Tues, Thurs & Fri
2100 - 2330
Weekends streams depending on availability

Jensen Cheng aka jubojuiceski

My twitch channel is a place for me to show the competitive side of gaming that I have to offer. I compete with the young and talented players around the South East Asian region.

Twitch Status: Affiliate

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Mon,Tues,Thur,Fri : (1030PM - 2AM)
Sat & Sun : (Subject to availability)

Hugo Wong aka owinyx

Known as the 1 trick Lucio SG in overwatch competitive Season 2 and Tilt Train, I am a competitive Overwatch player and a free agent. I love to entertain my viewers by stupid plays/Strats and raging on stream.

"Patient, carries you in overwatch, sometimes get tilted but overall 10/10 would play with again." - xndlxss 

Twitch Status: Affiliate

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Mon-thur 2030 - 2230
Fri : 2030 - 0100
Sat : 1400 - 1800
Sunday : 1400 - 1800
Schedule is until August. Subject to change.

Jared Beins aka slyfoxlovertv

Ex-professional gamer that now plays a variety of games to entertain the crowd.

Twitch Status: Affiliate

Twitch Live Stream Schedule:
Monday to Friday: 5am to 8:30am
Saturday: 5am to 12 noon

단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Coming to SHINE Fest

단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Album Cover
단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Album Cover

After last year’s sessions of Magic Behind the Music under, we have been quietly putting together a Singapore-Korea collaboration album, 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date, consisting of eight indie singer-songwriters from both countries. 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date means Sweet and Salty Date in Korean. Each of the 8 singer-songwriters wrote a song on the theme of food and love, expressed in their own unique interpretaion and style. We are delighted to update you that the album is almost ready to launch!

단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date is an initiative by SOOS OIO in Singapore with Leeway Music & Media Inc in Korea. The objective of the album is to bring indie artistes of Singapore and Korea together for an exchange and to help them increase their reach in both country through collective promotion. As a sophomore album of this collaboration, listeners can expect a light pop listening experience through the unique indie style and personalities of the eight artistes.

After a few months of selection in Singapore and Korea, we have our eight artistes – three from Singapore and five from Korea. Each of the artiste has a unique music style and personality. We love the process of different artistes coming together in a project like this. Do check out the artistes featured in this album. Follow their social media and keep a look out for the release of their songs in 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date.

WABLE (Korea)

G-Urban (Korea)

Dawn of the Day (Korea)

Pureunhaneul Kwak (Korea)

Gonne Choi (Korea)

BECKA (Singapore)

HBBBS Climbing SquareHubbaBubbas (Singapore)

Jean Tan (Singapore)

Find us at SHINE Festival 2017:

1. 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Performance at ION Stage

The artistes of 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date will put up an hour performance at SHINE’s main stage in front of ION Orchard with a mixture of solos and also joint performances between the artistes from Singapore and Korea. Let the artistes of 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date kick start your Friday evening at SHINE Fest with their music.

Date: 30 Jun 2017 (Fri)
Time: 6.00pm-7.00pm
Venue: Stage outside ION Orchard


Magic Behind the Music is back this year! Come and join the artistes of this album in a casual chit-chat session about the music and also the indie music scene of both Singapore and Korea. Together with Jake Lee from Leeway Music & Media Inc, the artistes managers, Pauline Phoon of SOOS OIO, and the artistes in the album, it will be an exchange of music culture between Singapore and Korea.

Date: 1 July 2017 (Sat)
Time: 1.00pm-2.30pm
Venue*SCAPE – MEDIA HUB (Level 5)
2 Orchard Link Singapore, 237978 
Free Admission but registration is required due to seats limitation.
Register at:

3. 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Artistes Solo Performances

If you want to hear more from 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date artistes, head to *SCAPE this Saturday evening for a solid 3-hours line up. Grab yourself some snacks and drinks and hang out with your Singapore emerging talents and also indie artistes from Korea.

Date: 1 Jul 2017 (Sat)
Time: 5.00pm-8.00pm
Venue: *SCAPE Bandstand
2 Orchard Link Singapore, 237978
Free admission

5.00pm – 5.15pmGonne Choi
5.20pm – 5.35pmBECKA
5.40pm – 5.55pmDawn of the Day
6.00pm – 6.15pmWABLE
6.20pm – 6.35pmG-Urban
6.40pm – 6.55pmHubbaBubbas
7.00pm – 7.15pmPureunhaneul Kwak
7.20pm – 7.35pmJean Tan
7.40pm – 8.00pmDanzZan Artists Collaboration

4. 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date Booth

While you are busking in the festivities of SHINE Fest, drop by 단짠 데이트 DanZZan Date booth in front of Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel (333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867) to browse & purchase albums of the artistes and find out more information about them. Keep a look out for announcement of Meet & Greet time slots at the booth with the artistes too.

A special shout out and thanks to National Youth Council and SHINE Fest for your support in this project. Appreciate all the hard work and literal sweat that each one of you put in. <3 <3 <3

For updates, follow Facebook Page.

Neil Zaza 2016

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

SOOS OIO is proud to kick-start 2016 with the announcement of having Neil Zaza in Singapore this June 2016. Guitar enthusiasts and Neil Zaza's music supporters have a chance to be immersed in his high energy melodious guitar solos with technical brilliance live in Singapore.

SOOS OIO is about encouraging, equipping and empowering. Through Neil Zaza, we hope to inspire guitar enthusiasts in Singapore to take a step, and many more to come in the future, to honing their skills and have fun through it. Thus, more than just enjoying Neil Zaza's music performance, a workshop is also arranged so that guitarists in Singapore get a chance to rub off some of his musical brilliance, not just technical but his passion! Neil Zaza has also kindly agreed to have a guitar contest, providing free download to the backing track and tabs to his very popular song "I'm Alright". So guitarists, time to perfect the song and show your prowess! The winners have the opportunity to record a video of them playing the guitar with Neil Zaza in Singapore. Movement Music has sweetened the prize of the top winner with a Reverend Guitar worth at least S$1200. Ticket holders of both the Neil Zaza Live in Singapore show and Neil Zaza Guitar Workshop receives a S$100 discount when they purchase a Reverend guitar from Movement Music with details below. 

Ticket sales for both the show and workshop start on 15 Jan 2016 (Fri) 12pm.

Below are the links to the events details:

Perhaps you have noticed the smile of Zaza when he is on the guitar. This smile brings much pleasure to the audience seeing him enjoying what he does. The journey to success is never a bed of roses, even a bed of roses has thorns that prick. Digging a little deeper, we want to know the sweat and tears behind Neil Zaza's smile on stage. We presented some questions to Neil Zaza about his journey before his arrival to Singapore. Hopefully his story might resonate in some of you as motivation and inspiration. The videos will be released one by one before his arrival to Singapore. Follow SOOS OIO on YouTube or any of our social media for the latest updates! 

Hashtag #neilzazasg and #soosoio when you posts comments, photos or videos on any social media about your guitar journey or Neil Zaza's coming to Singapore so that we can be your cheerleader along the way!

Use Your Ticket to Purchase Reverend Guitars from Movement Music at a Discount

  1. Please proceed to!catalog-guitar/cg70 for Reverend Guitar Catalog.
  2. Email Movement Music at [email protected] your ticket to Neil Zaza Live in Singapore or Neil Zaza Guitar Workshop, indicating the Reverend Guitar you are interested in. Movement Music will contact you to assist you with the purchase.
  • Please note that for all pre-ordered items the lead time will be 2 weeks (dependent on availability of stock from Reverend Guitars USA) and a 50% payment has to be made upfront. The lead time of 2 weeks will start after the 50% payment.
  • The remaining 50% is to be paid in full upon delivery of the guitar
  • For pre-orders, only Direct Bank Transfer option is available
  • Price quoted includes delivery of the guitar to the selected address