SOOS OIO is a social enterprise that develops youth holistically in our fast-evolving world

We believe in harnessing the positive benefits of games through play for social and personal growth. Since 2018, TeleTrip, our community gaming event, have gathered gamers to play, learn and grow together. Beyond community gaming, we also have The Game Addiction Talk for schools, with tools like the COMEBACK Game Dependency Test and the COMEBACK Gamer Player Type Test to help them better understand their students. We conduct workshops for the Ministry of Education in Singapore to empower educators with insights about gamers' motivation for better engagement and support. Our annual Parents Webinar: Understanding Games, Gamers and Game Dependency is the platform where we share our insights to parents.

SOOS OIO is pronounced as "su-s su-s".

Word Origin: SOOS is the English transliteration of the Hebrew word סוס, meaning, a horse. OIO is the Hebrew curcive letter word for horse, less the vowel.

So SOOS OIO literally means "horse horse"!


"A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character." - Tesco


Developing youth holistically through communities in our fast-evolving world


To design fun and engaging programmes that enable learning and development

To facilitate online and offline community in a positive and encouraging environment

To train and enable youth leaders to influence and impact the communities


Inspiring – Oodles of Motivators

Aspirations are converted to bite-size milestones for sustaining motivation

Creative – Ideas Generator

Keep the juices flowing for fresh solutions to challenges

Inquisitive – World ClassRoom

Using the fast evolving world as our learning playground

Realistic – Build Grounded Castles, Not Air

Translate dreams into actionable plans

Good Character – Bedrock to Talent

An anchor to challenges, decisions, and expressions of talents & passions

Gritty – Never Give Up!

Let’s grit our teeth for our aspirations


Sincere appreciation to each agency, organization and company who has supported SOOS OIO in our journey with the youths one way or another. THANK YOU! ❤