Good Gaming Habits Memes

A Good Gaming Habits Meme is released every Friday 6.30pm since 10 Jul 2020 (Fri) on TeleTrip Gaming Facebook and Instagram. Or you can search for #goodgaminghabits. Thus far, 6 memes have been released. There are a total of 20 memes in this series.

What is this about?

Not sure about you, the word “toxic” never fails to pop up in the description of gamers community and culture in our conversations with other gamers. Perhaps some are resigned or got used to it. From our observation and contact with the gamers community, it is not always true. There are gamers who appreciate good games, good sportsmanship even in causal play, and just having good fun together. Yet this appreciation is usually unspoken. So our team had a thought that it will be great if we can talk about good games, good sportsmanship, good fun, etc in a light hearted manner. This “thought” was in the back burner for a while as we were busy with other things.

The Trigger

As much as we wished that there is a dramatic story to the push for us to make the “thought” a reality, it was an opportunity that came. We were in a rush to put in a proposal to Media Literacy Council (MLC) last year and this “thought” came back to us. Why not include this “thought” into the proposal and run a Good Gaming Habits campaign with memes? The proposal was approved. It was fun creating the memes in-house. Special shoutout to the gamers who gave us honest constructive feedback in the creative process… THANK YOU!

We are appreciative for the support of MLC. The memes were able to reach out to more gamers in Singapore because of the budget for advertising.

The 20 Memes

Below are the memes released. We will add the new releases into this post so that all 20 memes will be presented here. Give us a like and a follow at TeleTrip Gaming Facebook and Instagram if you like the posts.

Meme 1

Meme 2


Meme 3

Meme 4


Meme 5


Meme 6