DOTA2 Back to Basics Online Coaching April-May 2020

Simple yet Powerful Lessons to Improve Your Gameplay

DOTA 2 is a complex game, and the constant changes just makes the game even harder. That is why we have designed this Back to Basics course to strengthen your core understanding of the game so that you can develop skills that transcends through the patches.

In each 45min-session done in lecture style, we will explain each topic and there are simple exercises that you can do on your own to start your journey to be a stronger player!

Below are the topics that each of the 8 sessions will cover:

    1. What is DOTA - 7 April 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • Why resources matter and the real reason why last hit matters
      • How to master last-hitting like a pro?
    2. Lane Management14 April 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • How does winning the game by “losing” the lane work?
      • How to own your opponents in lane?
    3. Hero (Part 1) - 21 April 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • What heroes should I play to win games?
      • How to start winning games with your favourite hero?
    4. Hero (Part 2) - 28 April 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • How do I win in a losing matchup?
      • Learn the art of making a comeback in losing games!
    5. Power Spike - 5 May 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • Why does timing of items matter and what does all the numbers in the stats mean?
      • How does snowballing works and how to be ahead in the game?
    6. Drafting - 12 May 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • How can drafting make the game easier for you
      • Why does my enemy always have a better draft? Discover the secrets to the foundation of drafting in this session.
    7. Roles - 19 May 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • What should I be doing based on my roles and team strategy
      • Farm? Gank? Plant wards!? Don’t get confused and find out what you need to do to win games in DOTA 2.
    8. Analysing games - 26 May 2020, Tues 7pm-7.45pm Singapore time
      • How does the MMR System affect my games and how to use the scoreboard
      • Trying to get out of the MMR trench? Wondering why you’re losing games despite a great KDA? Come join us in this last session to learn how to beat the MMR system and transform your red day to green days!
Each session at S$10.
All 8 sessions at S$70.

DOTA 2 Back To Basics Additional Tutorials Available at S$50/Session

Not sure why you’re unable to apply the concepts learnt during lectures? Show your replays* during tutorial and we will review mistakes and provide tips** on how you can perform better. Learning can be lonely, so join with the other students and get the chance to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses! It is capped at 4 students per session, making sure that you get the most out of each tutorial.

*Replays are based on the exercises mentioned at the end of the respective lectures. The exercises will also be emailed to you after the respective lectures, so do check your junk mail in case it gets there.
**Review and tips will be scoped based on that week’s topic

To enhance your learning experience, you can sign up for tutorials! Tutorial sessions are available on Thursdays (2 days after the lecture) 7pm-8pm. At every 1-hour session, each participant will be provided 15 minutes to go through their replay. During the 15 minutes, the coach will review your replay and:

      • Identify key mistakes
      • Provide explanation on how it can cost your game
      • Suggest practical exercises to overcome your weaknesses

It is recommended that the participant attend the lecture before joining the tutorial.

Things to Note for Tutorial:

      • This tutorial is NOT an open Q&A session!
      • Attendance will be taken during each session. Only 1 attendee for each email address registered.
      • No refund and transfer are allowed once payment is made.
      • The 15 minutes provided to each participant includes setup. Please be ready with your replay or your time will be allocated to the other participants.
      • Please be prepared with your replays during the tutorial. You are required to share your screen with the replay (video or via in-game client).
      • If you turn up unprepared with your replay, your 15 minutes will be allocated to the other participants. E.g. 1 participant didn’t provide a replay. The remaining participants get 5 minutes extra to go through their replays.

ABOUT THE COACH: Ruth “Potatofluff” Lim

Ruth is on staff with SOOS OIO as an Esports Coach and co-developed TeleTrip, an offline gaming community event. She conducts DOTA 2 foundational classes and workshops for Esports Academy under SCOGA and also teaches the module “Team Management” in Informatics Diploma for Esports and Game Design.

Ruth Lim coached a competitive DOTA 2 team TenTwenty in 2017 that won CPL Championship DOTA 2 Edition 2017, came in 1st in Dew Challenge 2017 and represented Singapore in Asia Pacific Predator League in 2018. Ruth managed Team Impunity FIFA Online 3 who got 3rd in EA Champions Cup (EACC) Winter Cup 2016 representing Singapore. In 2017, she coached Team Impunity FIFA Online 3.

Ruth graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with Diploma in Games & Entertainment Technology and SIT-University of Glasgow in Bachelors of Science with Honours in Computing Science. She also holds a CoachSG coaching certificate.

Well recognized in the DOTA 2 community, Ruth attended numerous international gaming tournaments, got to know and learnt from many of the top players worldwide. Ruth hopes to share her knowledge and experience to gamers in Singapore and beyond.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m very new with Dota 2 and hope to look into learning.
    I understand that I missed majority of the 8 class program.

    Would it be still okay to jump into the upcoming classes?

    6. Drafting – 12 May 2020 Tues ($ 10)
    7. Roles – 19 May 2020 Tues ($ 10)
    8. Analysing games – 26 May 2020 Tues ($ 10)

    Would really appreciate you opinion.

    Thank you.

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