Overcoming Challenges As A Community: TeleTrip Express 2019 – DOTA 2

TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 was an exciting TeleTrip not just for the players, but also for the facilitators and organisers as well! We witnessed how the players and facilitators bonded and overcame challenges together as a community.

Start of TeleTrip Express

After many rounds of TeleTrip Campus, we finally returned to playing on computers at the newly opened Bountie Arena with 25 players.

Challenge 1: Getting 4 More Players

Unexpectedly, we have missed out one player, which meant that until we found four more players to complete the team, he could not play during TeleMatch.  It was indeed a tall task to get players to come down as most of their friends were either not awake in the morning as expected of gamers or had prior engagements.

Despite the low probability, everyone tried calling everyone they knew to ask if they wanted to join us so that the player could play at TeleMatch. We crossed our fingers while we continued with TeleTalk.

After TeleTalk and the team discussions, with everybody's combined efforts, we managed to get the last four players! Two players arrived before the first game while the other two players joined us at the second game. To start TeleMatch, our facilitators JJ and Xing Yong played the first game.

Challenge 2: Overcoming Delays

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to wait for lunch. Instead of complaining, the players and facilitators took the opportunity to discuss the games! They chatted with one another and their constant offer to help us out deeply touched me.

During lunch, every player was well-fed with a bowl of Indomie, a cup of Bountea and lots of Chitato potato chips (yum)!

Challenge 3: Trying to Win at TeleMatch

The games were extremely fun and exciting as all the teams were playing neck-to-neck. This time, we had players with MMR ranging from 2000 to 8000. Every team was balanced with skilled players to lead and hold the teams together.

The facilitators gave their best to provide every team with effective feedback to improve on. The teams were constantly discussing and reviewing their games in preparation for the next game. It was amazing to see how "tryhard" they were while enjoying themselves.

Pizza Party & Prize Presentation

After a whole day of intense TeleMatch, the players munched on the delicious pizzas during Pizza Party!

As usual, we celebrated the birthdays of our October babies, Jasper and Jin!

We had five TeleTrip Express winner tags for the winning team. There were prizes for the “Most Improvement Team” and “Best Teamwork” as well. The winning team received the newly released Aftershock Hero-1 Keyboard. “Best Teamwork” received an Aftershock mouse each and “Most Improvement Team” received Aftershock mousepads.

...and not forgetting to recognise the "Best Support" with our limited edition certificate!

We also took the opportunity to appreciate our facilitators with a mousepad each!

For those who did not win a prize, we had a ball pit treasure hunt, where the prizes were thrown into the ball pit and anybody who found them can bring them home. Just when we were wondering who would be the first to get into the pit...

Full footage available below!

Sharing from Players and Facilitators

It was encouraging to hear from the players that they felt TeleTrip Express 2019 was one of the most enjoyable TeleTrips they attended so far. The facilitators also shared how much they have learnt from the players.

Below are some of the key takeaways from the facilitators and players!

I was excited to experience Teletrip as a facilitator instead of a player this time by helping out at TeleTrip.

I noticed that in each team there was always a leader that does the shot-calling and a motivator who keeps the team spirit high. All the teams played their hearts out and play with what they had. The better players learned how to play around their team’s weaknesses while less experienced players learned how to play better. This is an invaluable experience as DOTA 2 will only match you with people around your skill level. With this format it really test your skills. I’ve heard many comments from better players that were shocked that the low MMR players played at a higher level.

There were also cases where a better-looking team gets owned by an underdog team. The games were unpredictable you never know who will win. There were games were it was back and forth.

Poh Jin/ "Skinny"

Facilitator for TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 5 Oct 2019

It was amazing to see how the teams regrouped to strategise even after facing a devastating loss, especially Team 6. They lost one-sidedly in their second game and instead of tilting and blaming their teammates, they encouraged each other and had many close games after that bad game. They even manage to take a game off one of the stronger teams in TeleTrip! They truly deserved the 'Most Improved Team' award.

JJ/ "Lubby"

Facilitator for TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 5 Oct 2019

Importance of Communication - I remember when Team 6 played their first few games, they struggled with coordinating badly! By as each game progressed, they started to open up and share whatever information, thoughts or plans they had, even if they were far from perfect. But gradually you see the team make better decisions, not because they had perfect plans, but were simply executing as a team, in both good and bad decisions. Eventually went on to impress us so much and win the most improved award!

Importance of Self-Belief - Personally when I had to play the first game for Team 6, I was full of self-doubt and already wrote the game off as a loss, given that I haven't touch DOTA for years! But through the entire process, my team kept supporting me while talking and drafting as if I was going to play at the expected level. For example, 'If I give u this hero, can u win that hero? What kind of support u need to succeed'. Honestly, I was embarrassed that they believed in me more than I believed in myself. During the match, I manage to let go of whatever self-doubt and tried to play to their expectations, fighting the mid as if I was on an equal level with him. I even managed to kill him!  The quote 'biggest enemy is not the opponent, but ourselves' is really apt.

The Power of Community - I guess this is the thing that struck me the most, that each participant really felt a sense of belonging and cohesion with the people there. Even as they were playing, together or against each other, you could tell they were genuinely having fun and treated each other like family.

Xing Yong/ "Apeshit"

Facilitator for TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 5 Oct 2019

I think it’s amazing how creating a platform for a similar hobby/interest can bring together a group of people from different walks of life in a heartbeat. Even if they may have different characters and personalities, it’s pretty awesome seeing that they could come together to communicate and connect over a game. After the matches ended, I observed that some of them had bonded with one another and formed friendships over a day event.

While I was observing the matches, I noticed that the boys displayed sportsmanship, when some of them came over to watch the other teams who were still playing and cheered them on and even gave some tips to help some of the players. Despite being a competition, no one became toxic and competitive towards others in order to win. In fact, a lot of them displayed good and positive attitude towards one another, creating a really nice environment for everyone.

It was nice to see the boys going out of their comfort zone to participate in an event with people that they may or may not know. Having a common interest can really bring people together. Rather than seeing the game as a potential to cause addiction, games can create a platform for people to form connections and go out of their comfort zone.

Jean/ "Jayelpeaeff

Facilitator for TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 5 Oct 2019

I found it fun to play with players from different MMR tiers while competing with other teams. Everyone was very keen on playing and were highly engaged during the discussions. It was also fun because despite having a team of low and high MMR players, every team was balanced to the point that we all had an equal fighting chance.

At TeleTrip, I felt that the players gained a different experience of playing in a positive and competitive-like environment, which they can't get from playing pubs at home.

Everyone at TeleTrip was friendly. It's best to join with a friend because you get to have the chance to defeat your friend and boast about it 🙂

Last but not least, I felt that I learnt what DOTA was actually about in the first place: playing with people and having fun.

Yaowen/ "Tudi"

Participant of TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 5 Oct 2019

It's not always easy to find a large group of people who share your interests, especially an activity as isolating as online video games, but good thing that there's always TeleTrip!

Jin/ "His Father"

Participant of TeleTrip Express 2019 - DOTA 2 5 Oct 2019

Thank Yous!

Thank you Bountie Arena and your wonderful team for all the support before and throughout TeleTrip Express. Appreciate the support from all our partners AftershockPC and Indomie in making this TeleTrip Campus possible. Shoutout to Poh Jin, JJ, Xing Yong and Jean for all the help. Last but not least, to the gamers who came and made TeleTrip such a fun and memorable day for all of us ^-^

Hope to see you at the next TeleTrip!

Facebook Photo Album of TeleTrip Express – DOTA 2 Oct 2019: https://www.facebook.com/pg/soos.oio.sg/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2167289866895511

Instastory of TeleTrip Express – DOTA 2 Oct 2019: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18023684653230986/

Details of TeleTrip Express – DOTA 2 Oct 2019: https://www.soos-oio.com/2019/09/07/teletrip-express-oct-2019-dota-2/

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