TeleTrip Campus NUS Mar 2019 – DOTA 2

DOTA 2 TeleTrip Campus NUS Mar19 v5
Wana increase your chances of WINNING in DOTA 2 for both solo & party?

Experience the thrill of close gameplays with teammates of different skill levels at TeleTrip. Unlock your potential with loads of fun, new teammates, new friends and PIZZA PARTY!

We are heading down into the NUS Campus this Mar for a WHOLE DAY DOTA 2 gaming! For those who are new to TeleTrip, you can read more at

For TeleTrip Campus, you can BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) for optimal performance. No more adjusting to foreign mouse and keyboards, use your very own! For those who do not want to BYOL, NUSEG has 20 sets of laptops for rental at $10 each.

Event Details

  • Date: 9 Mar 2019 (Sat)
  • Time: 10am – 9pm
  • Fees: S$15/pax. Open to public.
    Special price of S$12 for NUSEG members, please provide your matriculation number during registration (NB: NUSEG member has to be the person playing on the actual day)
  • Optional: Additional S$10 if you want to use the laptop provided by NUSEG. Specs: 1060 3GB, i7, 8GB RAM and 256 SSD, with mouse
  • Registration Deadline: 4 Mar 2019 (Mon)
  • Venue: NUS Yusof Ishak House (31 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapore 119078)

Fees include:

SG TeleTrip Fees Includes

Special Note:

  • Registration Flow: The total registrants need to be in multiples of five to play a match as a team. Minimum 10 registrants and maximum 30 registrants. Registration is first come first serve. In the event if the final numbers do not make up multiples of five, those beyond the last multiple of five will be placed in the waitlist. For example, if there are 28 registrants, the last 3 will be placed in the waitlist. Registrants who are not accepted in this TeleTrip will be given priority for the next TeleTrip.
  • Confirmed Registration: Registration is only confirmed after payment is received. We will send you a confirmation email after payment is received. Please check your junk mail.
  • Individual Registration: You do not need to register as a team as we take in registration individually.
  • Latercomers: The teams and team members for TeleMatch will be disclosed at the start of the TeleTrip Campus event. Teamwork begins at the start. To prevent disadvantaging your team, those who are late will be replaced by those who are on the waitlist already present. Latecomers might end up without a team if multiples of five are complete and thus may not be able play the TeleMatch.
  • Waitlist registrants DO NOT need to make payment until your registration is confirmed. Waitlist registrants can be present at the event at 10am and we will slot you in when confirmed registrants no show or are very late.
  • NO refund will be given after registration is confirmed and payment is made.

DOTA 2 SOOS Facebook Group

For those who love DOTA 2 but cannot join us for this TeleTrip, we will like to invite you to our DOTA 2 SOOS Facebook Group. It is a group that has curated content about DOTA 2. It is a space to meet other players as well. It is our commitment to you to build a DOTA 2 community that is fun, encouraging and engaging. Help us to build this community by join the group now.

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